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Eiin Iinterviiew miit miir (Tom) aber auf Engliisch

Wenn was your last time you went to the cinema, and which movie did you watch?
hmm….it was Spider-Man 3. We went together to the cinema.

What would somebody have to give to you, so that you wear once Bill's clothes?
Well, i can imagine something with Angelina Jolie. I would never wear Bill's clothes, and to be honest, i don't thing anyone would like to see me like that.
If you'd have a girlfriend, would you hide that from the press, or would you admit it openly?
But i always talk about my girlfriends. I have one or two now and then..but it doesn't really last longer than one day.>

Have you tought about cuting off your dreads?
Not for the moment, but when if i'll want to cut them off, i will.

Do your friends and family have nothing to say about you talking all the time about sex, and about the fact that you are sleeping with groupies?
Why should they? Other parents would like for their children to talk about it. And this way i don't have to lie.

How can someone provoke you? What gets the most on your nerves?
I'm not that easy to provoke. I think that there's only one person who can really do that. This person is 10 minutes younger than me, and he's name starts with B. i can't say how he sees this.

Do you think you'll make a tatoo or a new piercing? If yes, where?
I can't imagine that..But we'll see what the time will bring.

Would you carry your hair open once more for us fans?
I'm sure that's another thing no one wants to see. Who does not want to deviate from this thought, must go with me in the bathtub.

How many guitars do you have? Do you name them?
I don't really know how mant they are…i think they are abou 20 and i don't give them names. But Georg calls his base "Mr.Sandberg". It's his only friend anyway. ( he's crazy )

You said that you and Bill offen have the same dreams. Which was the most embarassing/beautiful/strange dream you ever had?
I think this is the first question i don't really have an answer for. And that's because i always forget bout what i dream.

What was the most sordid lie you've ever invented?
I never lie! I hope everyone knows that!

Do you like to remember about school, about school trips and so on? If so you, what did you especially liked then?
There was only one school trip i went to. I pretended to be sick for the others.  I don't really like to remember about school. I hated it! School trips were a change to the awful everyday school-life. You could have many girlfriends there, that's the only positive thing i can remember.

Do you have any habits (do you speak while sleeping for example)?
Maybe i do speak while sleeping. i can't really tell…you should ask the others about it. Otherwise i like leaveing things behind in different places, and things which remain there for good.

Is there still a dream you would like to come true or are you perfectly happy?
I'm really happy…Whenever I express some dreams they probably sound stupid, but I wish to be as succesful as now for as long as possible, and to see as many countries as poissible together with my boys.

What goes to you mind during concerts when you make such grimaces?
Grimaces?…i think that, if you play music and you are in your element, you don't have your face expressions under control. You don't think of anything…you just play!

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